Petflox as recommended by the best European bird breeders

Petflox as recommended by the best European bird breeders

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What does Petflox Pro10 do for your animal!

Petflox Pro10  offers every animal from young to old a protected, healthy and active animal life.

Petflox Pro10 is an organic, odourless , non-toxic supplementary supplement and consists of a gel of natural algae in which oxygenated water  is trapped. 

Petflox Pro10  does not give the growth of bacteria a chance, restores inflammation, prevents mucus formation and purifies air organs.

By adding Petflox Pro10  to the drinking or living water, acidic water is released and the drinking water remains clean of bacteria for 48 hours and the living water for 5 days.

Petflox Pro10  is for the entire animal kingdom such as mammals, birds, fish, reptiles/amphibians.

Petflox Pro10  is for the private individual or the professional such as animal caretakers, veterinarians, animal breeders and for poultry and cattle farmers.

Petflox Pro10  is for sale at your veterinarian, pet shop, agricultural store or can be ordered directly online from Petflox or Petflox Pro10 dealers.

Clean drinking or living water contains, directly from the tap, between 80% and 100% dissolved oxygen, depending on the temperature. When using this, the oxygen percentage decreases to almost 0% within a few hours, which is especially true for drinking water and partly depends on the temperature of the water and the living environment of your animal.

The warmer the water, the less oxygen is the rule of thumb. What remains is dead water in which life disappears due to lack of oxygen, there is no biological cleaning to keep the water clean.

Prevent this process by administering Petflox Pro10 to your animal's drinking or living water!
Petflox Pro10 keeps oxygenated water enclosed in a natural and food-safe substance, based on nanotechnology. When Petflox Pro10 is administered in the drinking or living water, the oxygen is gradually released over a period of up to 5 days. 
Petflox Pro10 conditions the water, prevents bad bacteria and prevents the growth of viruses and fungi. Restores inflammation, prevents mucus formation and purifies air organs. The good bacteria remain in the water. 

Drinking water is available for mammals and birds.

Drinking water deserves a higher dosage than living water. Drinking water is available for mammals and birds. They must always have access to clean drinking water, which is provided in drinking bottles and water bowls. This creates stagnant water and the dosage of Pro10 for drinking water is higher than for living water.

Living water is for fish and reptiles.

The animals live in aquariums, terrariums and ponds. The living water is often maintained by means of filter, light and oxygen systems and even by adding plants. As a result, the dosage of Pro10 for living water is lower than for drinking water.