Pet Supplement HUMAC® NATUR AFM Liquid 30ml

Pet Supplement HUMAC® NATUR AFM Liquid 30ml

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  • Dosage (pcs / day):
  • Calves: 10 - 50 ml
    Sheep, Goats: 20 - 40 ml
    Horses: 50 ml
    Weaning pigs: 10 - 20 ml
    Dogs and cats: 1 - 3 ml
    Poultry: 1l / 300 l water

    Feed material made from activated Leonardite with high content of humic acids

    “Intended for all animal species”


    HUMAC Natur AFM Liquid is a brownish-black suspension with high content of humic acids. It is a
    100% natural substance with high biological activity, supplementing the animal’s organism with
    valuable minerals and trace elements.

    The biological and physical properties of humic acids are well documented in research and

    - A factor in the maintenance of good health
    - Supports the normal function of the immune system
    - Contains a wide spectrum of naturally occurring macro, micronutrients and trace elements
    - Of 100% natural origin without the use of chemical additives or chemical processing

    COMPOSITION: Natural humic acids in liquid: min. 15%; humic acids in dry matter: 45%; Fulvic acid:
    max. 5%; Analytical constituents: Ca: 1200 mg / l; Mg: 55 mg / l; Fe: 260 mg / l; Cu: 1.70 mg / l; Mn:
    1.97 mg / l; Se: 0.077 mg / l; V: 4.85 mg / l; Zn: 2.65 mg / l; Mo: 0.295 mg / l; Na: 10050 mg / l and all
    naturally occurring trace elements in μg / kg in the carboxymethylcellulose complex of organic
    matter. Moisture content: max. 70%; pH: 8.0 - 8.3; Particle size: 0 - 100 μm.


    EXPIRATION DATE: 24 months from the date of manufacture. Product is without a withholding period.Storage: Store in a dry place at temperatures of -10 ° C to +40 ° C.