natural nutripowder 500g

natural nutripowder 500g

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Extra Proteins & Energy & Spirulina
Complete and very easily digestible food supplement that provides an extra boost during the sports season. Thanks to the carefully balanced composition, Natural Nutri Powder + is particularly suitable to get racing pigeons in top condition.

Thanks to the unique combination of both fast and slow sugars, not only is recovery after physical exertion accelerated, but also the preparation for the next performance is assured.

Thanks to Spirulina, which is rich in proteins (20%) and supplemented with vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, this is the guarantee for a high performance level and excellent immunity.

Natural Nutri Powder+ is also very useful during the breeding season for newly-weaned youngsters and pigeons with watery diarrhoea.

Instructions for use
We recommend giving your pigeons less feed one day before you administer Natural Nutri Powder+ for the first time.


Moisten the grains with 5 ml of Natural Oil or yoghurt per kilogram of grains. DOSAGE: mix in 25 g Natural Nutri Powder+ and leave to dry for 10 minutes before giving it to the pigeons.


During periods of breeding, from the hatching of the squabs until 3 weeks after weaning.
Daily during the sports season.
Also ideal for a quick recovery after illness or exhaustion (minimum of 8 days)