natural ITEC special 500ml

natural ITEC special 500ml

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do not spray on bird !!!!


Parasite-Resistant Protection
Specially developed against red poultry red mites (Dermanyssus gallinae). Poultry red mites feed on the blood of pigeons at night, creating situations of stress, irritation, and susceptibility to disease—with a negative impact on health and performance.

Based on amorphous, nano-silicone dioxide—a very fine powder (such as diatomaceous earth) that has mechanical protective effects against mites and their larvae (no chemical effect!). Also suitable against feather mites, fleas, lice, etc. The fine distribution makes it possible to treat places that are almost inaccessible. Dries quickly and leaves a light white haze.

An infestation of poultry red mites is best combated by good dovecote hygiene, on the one hand, and a combined use of both food supplements and pesticides, on the other. Recognised insecticide.

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Instructions for use

To be sprayed on the sleeping and nesting areas, under the feeding troughs, etc. and in the corners, cracks, and crevices of the dovecote where the mites can hide during the day
Residual effect up to 7 weeks
To be repeated, if necessary
Yield: 40 g/m² (9 m² per canister or 55.6 ml/m²)