natural itec 750ml

natural itec 750ml

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An efficient remedy against external parasites
The Natural ITEC Spray is a very efficient product against external parasites and other vermin.

It can also be used for pigeon lofts, baskets and transporters. It is completely innocuous for pigeons and they do not even have to be removed for the loft while it is being treated.

The pigeons can also be individually treated without any risk by spraying them under the wings. Natural ITEC Spray contains no CFK’s.

Check for availability in your country.

Instructions for use
During the racing season
Slightly spray underneath the wings of pigeons that are going to be basketed. By doing so you offer them an efficient and guaranteed protection against parasites during transport.
Regularly spray baskets and all corners and cracks of the loft.
During annual cleaning after the moult
Slightly spray the corners and cracks of the loft as it is mainly here that ticks, red mites and other external parasites hide.