natural garlic oil 200ml

natural garlic oil 200ml

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Garlic is a plant that has been known and used for thousands of years for its exceptional properties. It stimulates gastric secretion and prevents fermentation and digestive disorders.

What is more, it improves the blood circulation and affords protection of the airways and protection against worms.

Most pigeon fanciers are familiar with the therapeutic action of garlic and many are having their pigeons benefit from it. It is for this reason that some of them routinely put a clove of garlic in the pigeon’s drinking water. This method is not effective as the virtues of the plant are essentially lost on the bird.

Natural, the leading pigeon feed specialist, has had dieticians and veterinary surgeons study and solve this problem. Hence, the development of Natural Garlic Oil.

Natural Garlic Oil is a product in a class of its own giving pigeons the full benefit of garlic. Natural Garlic Oil is composed of pure garlic extracts and refined soya oil, rich in linolenic acid.

Instructions for use
During the breeding and moulting season
Mix Natural Garlic Oil and Natural Vitaminor twice or three times per week with the daily ration of grains.

30 drops of Natural Garlic Oil per kilo of grains.

During the racing season
Mix Natural Garlic Oil and Natural Vitaminor with a depurative or diet mix on the day of the return from a race and the following day.

30 drops of Natural Garlic Oil per kg of grains.

As a preparation before a long distance race
The soya oil in the Natural Garlic Oil is the ideal substance to accumulate fat reserves in the pigeon’s body.

We advise: 4 to 6 days before basketing (depending on the distance) one drop of Natural Garlic Oil per pigeon, to be mixed with the daily grain ration, adding Natural Vitaminor.