Natural Choline Care 500ml

Natural Choline Care 500ml

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Natural Choline Care
For a purifying effect on the liver and optimal moulting
Aromatic herbal elixir; contains turmeric and milk thistle. With sulphur-containing amino acids for a purifying effect that also reduces fat levels in the body. Ideal for the good development of the feathering. Stimulates appetite and metabolism. Has a positive effect on energy and endurance. With extra B vitamins.

The excretion of harmful substances from the body is essential to maintain good health. After heavy efforts and loads, the liver must be stripped of fats and this waste. Sulphur-containing amino acids contribute to this and stimulate this function. In addition, these amino acids are required for the production of keratin, a necessary building block for feathers and skin. The moulting period is a stressful period for pigeons where an extra boost is very useful because this is where the foundations are laid for the next breeding and sport season.

Instructions for use

5 to 10 ml per litre of drinking water

2 times a week
During periods of breeding, moulting, or heavy exercise
Also ideal after a course of antibiotics for 5 consecutive days