Jaap Koehoorn - Entrodex

Jaap Koehoorn - Entrodex

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Jaap Koehoorn - Entrodex - 1.5kg Probiotic 

Entrodex is a probiotic containing guaranteed viable friendly

bacteria. At 4.5 billion viable cells of enterococcus faecium per



Entrodex enhances your animal’s dietary energy

intake and strength. This formula of vitamins A, D and B

complex, electrolytes and carbohydrates comes in an easy-to administer, soluble form.


Dose: 5 Gramm to 1 Litre of Water.


Beginning; 1 week every day, After that in Racing season and

during moulting and breeding 3 times per week together with

Ascorbivite. Normally 1-2 time per week.


Available in 200gram, 650gram & 1.5kg.